A. Davies

A. DaviesCourse: EAL Initial Verification – 14/10/2016 Sat was a really knowledgable instructor and made the course very interesting by sharing improtant information needed when on certain jobs. Overall Rating -... Read More »

J. Holder

J. HolderCourse: EAL Initial Verification – 14/10/2016 The tutors I had during my time at Able Skills were very supportive and guided the learning at the correct pace. Satnam has fantastic industry knowledge, experience and qualifications. Very, very good tutor. Overall Rating - Excellent... Read More »

R. Miller

R. MillerCourse: EAL Initial Verification – 14/10/2016 Satnam and the rest of the electrical instructors at Able Skills are well and truly gifted with fantastic electrical knowledge. #amazingteacher Overall Rating -... Read More »

J. Bennett

J. BennettCourse: Introduction to Tiling – 05/08/2016 I chose Able Skills because they had the better and nicer facilities compared to other centres I looked at. Well done to Terry who was a fantastic tutor and a very nice guy. He had lots of time for everyone on the course and is always full of tips... Read More »

I. Rushworth

I. RushworthCourse: Level 2 Electrical Course – 04/08/2016 I was very pleased with the training I received from both tutors at Able Skills, each of them had their own approach and style. I would be more than happy to have either of them for future courses. Thanks to our second tutor who took over the group... Read More »

J. Robert

J. RobertCourse: Level 2 Inspection & Testing – 09/09/2016 The tutor made an effort to make sure we understood the course material and was extremely helpful in answering questions and he was always offering help and assistance whenever we needed it, it was a really great course. Overall Rating –... Read More »

C. Barros

C. BarrosCourse: Introduction to Bricklaying – 18/09/2016 I really enjoyed this course straight from day one, I will hopefully now upgrade to the longer qualification course in the future. One way or another I will be back for more training. Simon was a great tutor and a lovely man. Overall Rating –... Read More »

S. Kennedy

S. KennedyCourse: Introduction to Bricklaying – 18/09/2016 This was an excellent course and Simon was an extremely knowledgeable tutor who really helped me develop my skills. The facilities are also very good and help you adapt to bricklaying. Overall Rating –... Read More »