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Ryan West

Ryan WestCourse: 18th Edition Courses –  25/11/2019 “Trevor is a great tutor that helps with your understanding of the regulations book itself and how to navigate your way through it effectively. I would like to think that I have progressed, the exam result will tell all.” Ryan West  – 18th Edition Courses –... Read More »

Nic Ceivers

Nic CeiversCourse: 18th Edition Courses –  25/11/2019 “Trevor is a great teacher, I have learned how to read the regulations book properly and how to find the information I need from it.” Nic Ceivers  – 18th Edition Courses –... Read More »

Hayden Austin

Hayden AustinCourse: 18th Edition Courses –  25/11/2019 “Very well delivered and understandable course, the 3-days were easy to follow and were very helpful, the tutor was great. I have progressed overall very well.” Hayden Austin  – 18th Edition Courses –... Read More »

Frankie Walsh

Frankie WalshCourse: 18th Edition Courses –  25/11/2019 “Learning and delivery – great. The course was very clear and easy to follow. I feel that I have progressed well, refreshed my knowledge using BS 7671.” Frankie Walsh  – 18th Edition Courses –... Read More »

Jamal Ahmed

Jamal AhmedCourse:  18th Edition Course  –  27/09/2019 “All-star was very good and helpful, keen to make sure that everybody understood the regulations and what to do with the book itself, I highly recommend Able Skills.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

T. Fred

T. FredCourse: Domestic Installer Electrical Course – 21/09/2018 “What a fantastic course! It was brilliant from start to finish, starting with the first two weeks with clive to finishing on up the inspection and testing with bryan was great. I am now confident in so many areas and feel confident to start doing house rewiring. Would... Read More »

T. Fahey

T. FaheyCourse: 18th Edition Course – 15/08/2018 “I thought 3 days was short however I passed which meant 3 days was great. Again, quality teaching from Andy. Patient and effective explanations.” Overall Rating – Excellent... Read More »