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John Cooze

John CoozeCourse:  City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course  –  27/09/2019 “Very good overall, all the instructors were very helpful, they all come across like they want to teach! Progressed very well, with great theory knowledge thanks to tools and online ‘smart-screen’. Good practical, thanks to the tutors and plenty of tasks that kept me on the ball!”  Overall... Read More »

A Pitt

A PittCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 13/08/2019 “Great instructors, from having no previous knowledge of plumbing, the instructor showed great encouragement, patience and knowledge, the provided instructions in a simple way that easy to understand. The course overall was great!” Overall Rating... Read More »

D Chandler

D ChandlerCourse: Introduction to Plumbing – 21/06/2019 “It was a very well delivered course and was very helpful for my knowledge, we learnt how to bend pipe/solider. fitting radiators and the basics of fitting a bathroom was really interesting to learn. Overall it was a fantastic experience. I’ve progressed very well I knew a little bit about plumbing... Read More »

M Wright

M WrightCourse: – City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course – 15/06/2019 “I very much enjoyed the experience, definitely learned a lot I’m much more confident and the teaching was excellent. The tutor is bang on!.” Overall Rating... Read More »

S Gibson

S GibsonCourse: – City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course – 15/06/2019 “Doing a plumbing course only in week one and I’ve learnt lots, Ben the tutor is excellent at what he does.” Overall Rating... Read More »

D Purcell

D PurcellCourse: – Introduction to Plumbing – 14/06/2019 “Really good practical course, that gave me the knowledge and ability to feel confident.” Overall Rating... Read More »

J Tratr

J TratrCourse: Level 2 Plumbing Course – 31/05/2019 “In the space of 6 weeks, I have learnt and gained a lot of knowledge, thanks to my tutor Ben for his good teaching skill which made a lot easier for me. I’m happy I picked the right training centre, Able Skills!” Overall Rating... Read More »

R Johal

R JohalCourse: Level 2 Plumbing Course – 31/05/2019 “Brilliant training centre with amazing instructors who helped guide you all the way through the course with infinite amounts of knowledge! Great way to get your foot on the ladder of the trade world!.” Overall Rating... Read More »

N Brett

N BrettCourse: Level 2 Plumbing Course   – 05/06/2019 “Having come out of full-time employment to re-train for a new career, I was nervous at what to expect. Ben has laid all of my fears to rest with a friendly, professional and highly knowledgable teaching manner. The course was excellent! It gave me what I needed for a foundation... Read More »

M Wholey

M WholeyCourse: Level 2 Plumbing Course   – 05/06/2019 “Excellent 6-week course, it broadened my knowledge of plumbing. Excellent teaching and high amounts of learning.” Overall Rating... Read More »

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