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Paul Aitken

Paul AitkenCourse: City & Guilds Carpentry Course –  25/11/2019 “Great basic skills were taught over this introductory course, the tutor “The course content was very intensive and covered most aspects that I would expect from a course like this and more. The staff involved in this course know all of the right stuff and have a great... Read More »

Amo Nahal

Amo NahalCourse: Introduction to Carpentry –  25/11/2019 “Excellent coverage learnt more than I expected. Carl was very patient and gave great guidance. I was initially nervous to handle tools at the start of the course, however, after getting hand-on in the week I’m now confident to use tools and carry out work effectively, so overall I’m very... Read More »

Alexandra Lawrence

Alexandra LawrenceCourse: Introduction to Carpentry –  25/11/2019 “Tutors are amazing! Very helpful + happy to cater the course to your needs. Surprised at how much you are needs surprised at how much you are taught in just 1-week. Definitely need more practice but thanks to this course I now have the skills and confidence to tackle anything.”... Read More »

Ifearny Ovah

Ifearny OvahCourse:  NVQ Level 2 Carpentry & Joinery Course  –  21/10/2019 “I feel that this course taught in a very good way by the instructors, they all seem to have a good understanding of everything they are teaching and the pace at which to do so. They are extremely helpful and I felt like I could ask them anything.... Read More »

C. Sinnerton

C. SinnertonCourse: Introduction to Carpentry – 26/10/2018 “Thank you for my first step. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt more confident every day. Thank you Richard our tutor and the other carpentry instructors for being so welcoming and friendly.” Overall Rating – Excellent... Read More »