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Ryan West

Ryan WestCourse: 18th Edition Courses –  25/11/2019 “Trevor is a great tutor that helps with your understanding of the regulations book itself and how to navigate your way through it effectively. I would like to think that I have progressed, the exam result will tell all.” Ryan West  – 18th Edition Courses –... Read More »

Nic Ceivers

Nic CeiversCourse: 18th Edition Courses –  25/11/2019 “Trevor is a great teacher, I have learned how to read the regulations book properly and how to find the information I need from it.” Nic Ceivers  – 18th Edition Courses –... Read More »

Stephen Ward

Stephen WardCourse: 18th Edition Courses –  7/11/2019 “Trevor made the course easy to understand and simplified harder to understand aspects through the use of diagrams, sample questions and exam tips, very useful!.” Stephen Ward  – 18th Edition Courses –... Read More »

Harley Durrant

Harley DurrantCourse: City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course  –  5/11/2019 “Superb teaching skills from Andy never once had an issue. The tutor has the perseverance to help even with repetitive silly mistakes, really good dedication to students even when a family emergency occurred. I have progressed really well, overall the course has been great – I look forward... Read More »

Kristian Hibbard

Kristian HibbardCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “Excellent throughout with knowledgeable instructors. They created a very comfortable environment that really helped my learning process, progressed well.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

Craig Walker

Craig WalkerCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “Usual high standards from tutors, I personally gained a lot of additional knowledge and confidence thanks to the course. I progressed very well overall.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

Simon Fewtrel

Simon FewtrelCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “The course overall was delivered very well, with a great and balanced mix of humour and interaction, I really hope the exam goes well. Thanks!.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

Chris French

Chris FrenchCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “Trevor is an excellent tutor, with a mix of humour added to help calm the frustration at times. I have progressed very well – thank you, Trevor, hope I pass!.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

F. Kuwali

F. KuwaliCourse:  City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course  –  09/09/2019 “Very helpful instructor! Explains difficult very well. I feel like I’m becoming ‘Electrically’ literate I had no viable practical knowledge or experience before starting and feel that my progression has been great.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

C. Tookey

C. TookeyCourse:  City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course  –  09/09/2019 “Very informative course, the tutor went though things multiple times to make sure that everything was understood. I feel I’ve learnt a lot and I’m looking forward to progressing even further.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

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