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K Rags

K RagsCourse:  Introduction to Plumbing – 13/08/2019 “The course was excellent and enjoyable. I have progressed far greater than I expected. Tutors were knowledgable and great in assassinating our learning.” Overall Rating... Read More »

S Trecaks

S TrecaksCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 13/08/2019 “Very intense course, a lot to learn in a very short amount of time time, but with the help of Ben it was possible, good mix of theory and practical. I have learned lots of new skills and gained knowledge that will help me to change career.” Overall Rating... Read More »

F Irmwin

F IrmwinCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 13/08/2019 “The course content was very good, the pace kept up throughout the course but with plenty of details given when questions were asked. The tutor recognised when there were dips in the group’s concentration and provided breaks which was much needed. I feel like I have progressed greatly, I now... Read More »

M. De Jesus Espinoza Flores

M. De Jesus Espinoza FloresCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 13/08/2019 “Excellent course content, the topics seemed very well prepared. I feel like I have progressed greatly and fast everything was very well explained by the tutor so I never felt like I was missing some information.” Overall Rating... Read More »

J Moris

J MorisCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 13/08/2019 “Ben made everything clearer by breaking things down while in the classroom, I feel like I have progressed massively, thank you Able Skills!” Overall Rating... Read More »

A Harvey

A HarveyCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 13/08/2019 “Well thought out and planned course. Ben is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and happy to help. I have progressed amazingly, I have much better knowledge and confidence in domestic plumbing.” Overall Rating... Read More »

Micheal O

Micheal OCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 13/08/2019 “Excellent and focused theory that was all relevant. The practical aspects were good, learned a lot. I progressed well, feel confident that I’ve got enough skill to be able to trade/build experience. Ben is an excellent trainer, very skilled!” Overall Rating... Read More »

M Parker

M ParkerCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 13/08/2019 “I believe the course was delivered in a clear, professional matter + my tutor was very friendly, approachable and extremely helpful! I feel like I have come a long way since the beginning and I’ve learnt a lot about the subject and the potential career paths that are now open... Read More »

A Pitt

A PittCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 13/08/2019 “Great instructors, from having no previous knowledge of plumbing, the instructor showed great encouragement, patience and knowledge, the provided instructions in a simple way that easy to understand. The course overall was great!” Overall Rating... Read More »

L Bird

L BirdCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 24/06/2019 “Very helpful and patient tutors, everything was taught in a simple and efficient way.” Overall Rating... Read More »

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