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A Gaffney

A GaffneyCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 24/06/2019 “Course was very clear and easy to understand. Instructors were brilliant!” Overall Rating... Read More »

Y Szwec

Y SzwecCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 24/06/2019 “Very good instructors, good explanation on tasks. The tutors were always very helpful when I did not understand something” Overall Rating... Read More »

T Dusk

T DuskCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 24/06/2019 “It has been a great learning experience, and the instructors have been great too! I really enjoyed it!” Overall Rating... Read More »

A Nahal

A NahalCourse: Introduction to Plumbing – 21/06/2019 “Covered all areas in a timely fashion, and explained each point as we went along. I’ve progressed amazingly, gold start to Able Skills! Learnt a lot & what I’ve learnt will be extremely useful to me.” Overall Rating... Read More »

M Wright

M WrightCourse: – City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course – 15/06/2019 “I very much enjoyed the experience, definitely learned a lot I’m much more confident and the teaching was excellent. The tutor is bang on!.” Overall Rating... Read More »

J Cooze

J CoozeCourse: – City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course – 15/06/2019 “The course is very thorough – lots of chances to be involved in practical work, the theory is comprehensive, Ben Is a very skilled teacher it’s clear he knows what he is doing and has the learning as a number one priority, going above and beyond... Read More »

C Ramsamy

C RamsamyCourse: – City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course – 14/06/2019 “Really good, learned a lot, I really feel more confident in carrying out any plumbing jobs, Ben was really helpful and I will definitely be back to do more courses here.” Overall Rating... Read More »

J Tratr

J TratrCourse: Level 2 Plumbing Course – 31/05/2019 “In the space of 6 weeks, I have learnt and gained a lot of knowledge, thanks to my tutor Ben for his good teaching skill which made a lot easier for me. I’m happy I picked the right training centre, Able Skills!” Overall Rating... Read More »

M Danish Jamil

M Danish JamilCourse: Level 2 Plumbing Course   – 05/06/2019 “Instructor is very good he taught me in a very deep way in the workshop. If I was stuck at some point he would help me out a lot. Able Skills is a good place to learn different things.” Overall Rating... Read More »

W Carver

W CarverCourse: Level 2 Plumbing Course   – 05/06/2019 “The course has been enjoyable and I have learned a lot. Ben has been excellent and professional and has gone beyond to help me. I would recommend Able Skills!” Overall Rating... Read More »

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