2015 December

M. Schofield

M. SchofieldCourse: 2365 Level 2 & 3 Electrical Andy was excellent the whole course and was very approachable! His knowledge was fantastic! The staff were excellent, thank you all very much for a great... Read More »

D. Selfe

D. SelfeCourse: 2365 Level 3 Electrical My compliments go out to all staff at Able Skills. Especially Andy for being such a great... Read More »

C. Marriott

C. MarriottCourse: Introduction to Bricklaying The two excellent tutors made the week a pleasure and I picked up some great... Read More »

L. Huggins

L. HugginsCourse: Pipe Skills I chose Able Skills because I had spoke to people that had trained her and they said it was the best place to be. It lived up to my expectations and I really enjoyed the course over the last 2 weekends.... Read More »