2016 April

M. Stewart

M. StewartCourse: Level 2 Bricklaying Diploma I couldn’t have asked for anymore from Able Skills during my Bricklaying course, they were fantastic, from everyone in the office to the instructor Simon. I was stuck in a deadend job and I wanted a change and after a conversation with a friend that had previously trained at Able... Read More »

L. Huggins

L. HugginsCourse: Weekend Gas course – 02/04/2016 Able Skills had the best reviews and good feedback from trainees and the location for my self was a huge factor. I had an excellent trainer throughout my course and he was always able to explain things in an understandable way. Overall Rating –... Read More »

S. Elliot

S. ElliotCourse: Weekend Gas course – 03/04/2016 A friend recommended Able Skills to me for a good training centre. I was very happy with the course and my tutor was very nice and friendly, along with an excellent knowledge and skills. I would recommend the centre to anyone looking to do their gas training. Overall Rating –... Read More »

Z. Badat

Z. BadatCourse: Weekend Gas course – 03/04/2016 The weekend option was a huge factor for me to pick Able Skills as my training centre for my gas course. It was an excellent course and it was extremely well tutored and I learnt valuable knowledge gaining a lot of experience along the way. Overall Rating –... Read More »

J. Drebiyi

J. DrebiyiCourse: Weekend Gas course – 03/04/2016 I first about Able Skills through a friend, so I done some research and went to look at the centre and I was happy this was the right place to complete my gas course. The pace of the course was taught at the right level. It had a good... Read More »

D. West

D. WestCourse: Introduction to Tiling – 03/04/2016 This was my local centre and the best one I found on the internet. I was very happy with the course and Terry, who was my tutor, was great and I was very pleased with it. I am now considering the advanced tiling course and possibly looking at some... Read More »

D. Terry

D. TerryCourse: Introduction to Tiling – 25/03/2016 I originally had a boiler fitted by Able Skills gas engineer, Martin and he let me know about the courses here. I was very happy with the course, it was a great intro to tiling and I learnt how to set up and do basic tiling work in just... Read More »

P. Glanvill

P. GlanvillCourse: City & Guilds Carpentry and Joinery – 25/03/2016 The facilites were fantastic from the minute I came to visit Able Skills. The standard of teaching from Tim, Ian and Kevin was brilliant and it was a brilliant working environment. Speed of the course and the class sizes were very good and I was very... Read More »

D. Alt

D. AltCourse: Level 2 Inspection & Testing – 25/03/2016 Satnam covered all the material extremely well and it made the content really interesting and fun to learn. The course was very informative and enjoyable, thanks so much to Able Skills and Satnam! Overall Rating –... Read More »

C. Budden

C. BuddenCourse: Level 2 Inspection & Testing – 25/03/2016 The most important factors for me were the feedback on the course, the locality and the cost. The course had a very good style of teaching with varied approaches which met all personal needs to be able to absorb the information. It was a very friendly atmosphere... Read More »

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