2016 May

J. Bradley

J. BradleyCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 19/05/2016 Jo and Spencer are the best tutors at Able Skills, they know how to offer a cracking course and have a laugh with you aswell. I was very happy with what I have learnt on the course and how much I have learnt in just one week. I am... Read More »

B. Wilson – PAT Testing

B. Wilson – PAT TestingCourse: PAT Testing – 13/05/2016 I did consider other training centres before Able Skills but the reviews and location really convinced me to train here. My instructor, Steve delivered a ‘dry’ subject with great humour and great interaction which really helped us learn all the relevant knowledge. Overall Rating –... Read More »

B. Connolley

B. ConnolleyCourse: 17th Edition – 11/05/2016 Steve is a brilliant teacher and was very helpful. I’m not one for asking questions to teachers but every time I did he answered superbly and he explained the regs so clearly that even a child would understand. Overall Rating –... Read More »

K. Smith

K. SmithCourse: Introduction to Plumbing – 13/05/2016 I had the pleasure to be one of the first students to be trained and use the facilities of the new plumbing centre. I completed a short plumbing course to be able to complete some plumbing work in my own home. Del was fantastic in explaining all details of... Read More »

H. Roberts

H. RobertsCourse: Level 3 Electrical course – 11/05/2016 My boss recommended me to Able Skills and they placed me on this Level 3 course. I thought that this course was excellent. It was set out very well and allowed for individuals with no knowledge to learn and people who had knowledge could recap. I am very... Read More »

T. Dales

T. DalesCourse: Level 3 Electrical course – 11/05/2016 I have really enjoyed my time training at Able Skills. The teachers are very knowledgeable with on-site experience which is valuable to us as they helped gives us real advice for the future. The workshops are always clean and every piece of material and tool was available to... Read More »

L. Montero

L. MonteroCourse: Electrical Level 2 & 3 – 23/04/2016 My friend recommended Able Skills to me after I had look and Trade Skills 4U, I chose Able Skills as they were able to offer the course I wanted in one hit and they had a good reputation. I feel that the course was very well received... Read More »

J. Ayton

J. AytonCourse: Electrical Level 2 & 3/17th Edition and PAT Testing – 22/04/2016 Before I came to Able Skills I had originally looked at Trade Skills 4U, but I chose Able Skills after reading reviews and coming in for a chat with the staff. Also the location and professionalism of the centre was a big factor... Read More »

C. Platt

C. PlattCourse: Introduction to Tiling – 29/04/2016 The one week of tiling was a very informative course especially good with immediate hands on training from day 1. It was a very professional set up and I found it very enjoyable thanks to Max and Terry, without them I doubt I would have learnt so much in... Read More »

B. Lavender

B. LavenderCourse: Level 2 Electrical course – 01/05/2016 When I decided to train as an Electrician I didn’t want to go to any old college with students messing about, I wanted to go to a proper trade college. When I heard about Able Skills it fit my needs perfectly. The tutor was really good throughout the... Read More »

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