2017 February

D. Bond

D. BondCourse: Introduction to Painting & Decorating – 10/02/17 Great week of training again at Able Skills and I too more away from the course than expected. Mark has great knowledge and I really enjoyed my week of decorating training. Overall Rating –... Read More »

M. Wright

M. WrightCourse: Introduction to Painting & Decorating – 10/02/17 This was an excellent course, I learnt a lot in just 5 days and I am now far more confident with wallpapering now. Plus I picked up so handy little tips from Mark along the way. Overall Rating –... Read More »

R. Sainsbury

R. SainsburyCourse: Introduction to Painting & Decorating – 10/02/17 Mark was a great tutor and was very helpful. I am delighted with what I have learnt over the week of training and would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get some skills. Overall Rating –... Read More »

R. Jeffery

R. JefferyCourse: Level 2 Plumbing Course – 10/02/17 This was a very challenging but very enjoyable course. Never realised that I would learn so much from just a 6 week course. Able Skills definitely lived up to their reputation. Overall Rating –... Read More »

P. Willett

P. WillettCourse: Introduction to Tiling – 10/02/17 I wanted to improve my skills and Able Skills seemed like the best place to come and I was not disappointed. It was an excellent course and very well managed by an excellent tutor. Great teaching of all the fundamental skills. Terry gives you the confidence to tackle lots... Read More »