2017 April

N. Johnson

N. JohnsonCourse: PAT Testing Course – 21/04/2017 Sat has a great friendly and relaxed training style that actually helps the course to be delivered efficiently. Thank you Sat! Overall Rating –... Read More »

M. Saunders

M. SaundersCourse: Level 2 Electrical Home Study – 20/04/2107 I had several questions before I began my practical training and they were all answered quickly and comprehensively by the Able Skills team! Overall Rating –... Read More »

D. Akinsanmi

D. AkinsanmiCourse: Level 2 Electrical Home Study – 20/04/2017 This was a very good course, Bryan gave fantastic explanations on how to complete the course successfully. Overall Rating –... Read More »

M. Waugh

M. WaughCourse: Introduction to Tiling – 21/04/2017 Terry was very informative and explained all tasks very clearly. Thanks so much! Overall Rating –... Read More »

B. Miftaraj

B. MiftarajCourse: City & Guilds Carpentry Course – 21/04/2017 The people in the office are excellent and helping me pay in instalments. Angela sorted out some weekends which I couldn’t attend to the course and did it very smoothly, she is the best person to communicate with. My teachers Kevin, Simon and Martin helped me a... Read More »

A. Roberson

A. RobersonCourse: 17th Edition Course – 19/04/2017 Our instructor was understandable, relaxed and the atmosphere was great. I would recommend this course for all other electricians to do at Able Skills. Overall Rating –... Read More »

A. Money

A. MoneyCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 24/03/2017 From day one of the course we felt at ease and the tutors, Joe and Spencer took time to help and show you where you are going wrong and show you how to do it right. Thanks! Overall Rating –... Read More »

M. Lisher

M. LisherCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 24/03/2017 Very good and very patient instructors and also, they were very pleasant. Nothing on the course was too much, it was a joy to do the course. Overall Rating –... Read More »

R. Johnson

R. JohnsonCourse: Level 2 Electrical Course – 14/03/2017 I have enjoyed my time learning at Able Skills. The theory and practical sides of the course were delivered very well and my assessor John was very accessible, so any questions I had were answered quickly and usually with example that really helped. The workshop was kept very... Read More »

M. Earl

M. EarlCourse: Level 2 Electrical Course – 14/03/2017 John has a vast amount of fantastic knowledge and the way John taught the course was first rate. I will look forward to my other electrical courses. Overall Rating –... Read More »

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