2017 June

J. Nolan

J. NolanCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 23/06/2017 The instructor was outstanding. I have learned the basics very well and would advise friends and anyone else to attend. Enjoyed the course from start to finish. Overall Rating –... Read More »

J. Crabb

J. CrabbCourse: Level 2 Inspection & Testing – 25/05/2017 Robert Burgess, Great teacher. In the time that I have been at Able Skills I have learned so much more than I thought I would. It has been hard but Robert has helped me along the way. THANK YOU! Overall Rating –... Read More »

S. Menpham

S. MenphamCourse: EAL Initial Verification – 26/05/2017 Excellent tuition from our tutor Satnam. He gave us plenty of real world information in addition to the requirements of the syllabus. Overall Rating –... Read More »

G. Bains

G. BainsCourse: Level 2 Inspection & Testing – 19/05/2017 I have done a plastering, plumbing, bricklaying and electrical at Able Skills which were all great courses. Robert was one of the best teachers I have had. I have learnt a lot and feel very confident thanks to him. Overall Rating –... Read More »

J. Bingham

J. BinghamCourse: Level 2 Inspection & Testing – 19/05/2017 My friend recommended Able Skills to me and I am very glad he did. The location and price of the course was perfect for me. My tutor Robert was very good and very approachable throughout the course. Overall Rating –... Read More »