2017 August

D. McGeary

D. McGearyCourse: Level 2 Plumbing Home Study – 24/08/2017 Tutors were all very helpful and the company was very well run. Also, the girls in the office were brilliant and very helpful with everything from payments to exams. Overall Rating –... Read More »

J. Courage

J. CourageCourse: Domestic Installer Course – 25/08/2017 It was a well-paced course and very well tutored. Thanks to Bryan, I didn’t find it as hard as I thought. Bryan made it easy to take in all the information. Overall Rating –... Read More »

R. Peters

R. PetersCourse: Introduction to Tiling – 25/08/2017 This tiling course was challenging but worthwhile. I learnt a lot in 5 days and was very happy and was very worthwhile. Overall Rating –... Read More »

D. Power

D. PowerCourse: City & Guilds NVQ Level 2 Tiling – 25/08/2017 The help that you get from instructors was a very important factor when I chose to book the course. The service was great and huge 10/10. Overall Rating –... Read More »

L. Ocampo-Ortiz

L. Ocampo-OrtizCourse: Level 2 Electrical Home Study – 10/08/2017 Sat is a brilliant instructor. His in-depth of knowledge of the real world is fantastic. His energy to teaching is great. And he has an inspiring knowledge of the industry. Overall Rating –... Read More »

M. Paul

M. PaulCourse: Level 3 Electrical Home Study – 05/07/17 An excellent facility with an outstanding level of teaching. I highly recommend the course to anybody as it would fulfil the expectations of all. I highly appreciate the effort and care taken in all delivered lessons. Overall Rating –... Read More »