2019 June

A Pitt

A PittCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 13/08/2019 “Great instructors, from having no previous knowledge of plumbing, the instructor showed great encouragement, patience and knowledge, the provided instructions in a simple way that easy to understand. The course overall was great!” Overall Rating... Read More »

L Benton

L BentonCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 13/08/2019 “I’ve really enjoyed this course and learning the plumbing trade the instructors have been fantastic in helping and making me understand things I was unsure of. I will definitely recommend this course and Able skills and tell them to apply for a course here!” Overall Rating... Read More »

L Bird

L BirdCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 24/06/2019 “Very helpful and patient tutors, everything was taught in a simple and efficient way.” Overall Rating... Read More »

A Gaffney

A GaffneyCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 24/06/2019 “Course was very clear and easy to understand. Instructors were brilliant!” Overall Rating... Read More »

D Lamb

D LambCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 24/06/2019 “Able Skills has given me the confidence to pursue a career in plumbing. Mike was fantastic regarding the theory taking the time to explain all the relevant concepts. Ben is very clear and more the practical side very easy and made it seem less complex. 5 Stars all round for... Read More »

Y Szwec

Y SzwecCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 24/06/2019 “Very good instructors, good explanation on tasks. The tutors were always very helpful when I did not understand something” Overall Rating... Read More »

G Rose

G RoseCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 24/06/2019 “Both Ben and Mike have been very helpful throughout! I would give Able Skill an A+ overall!” Overall Rating... Read More »

T Dusk

T DuskCourse:   Level 2 Plumbing Course – 24/06/2019 “It has been a great learning experience, and the instructors have been great too! I really enjoyed it!” Overall Rating... Read More »

P Mitchell

P MitchellCourse:  Advanced Bricklaying Course  – 24/06/2019 “Course content was very good. The tutors have great knowledge about bricklaying and this was clear from the way that they teach. They have high-quality standards rub off on you. I feel like I’ve made a great progression from the basic skills that I learnt in the introduction course. I feel confident... Read More »

C Burges

C BurgesCourse: 18th Edition – 27/06/2019 “Great instructor who could articulate the content of the complicated regulations in an easy to understand manner! Great course!” Overall Rating... Read More »

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