2019 October

Alan Puttock

Alan PuttockCourse:  Introduction to Bricklaying  –  21/10/2019 “Peter was very good when it came to demonstrations, he explained everything really well. I was always 100% certain of what I was meant to be doing which made me feel comfortable. I progressed really well due to the great information that was demonstrated & explained. Both instructors kept an eye on... Read More »

Ifearny Ovah

Ifearny OvahCourse:  NVQ Level 2 Carpentry & Joinery Course  –  21/10/2019 “I feel that this course taught in a very good way by the instructors, they all seem to have a good understanding of everything they are teaching and the pace at which to do so. They are extremely helpful and I felt like I could ask them anything.... Read More »

Rudi Micheal

Rudi MichealCourse:  City & Guilds Painting & Decorating Course –  21/10/2019 “The course was presented very clearly and in an understandable way. With lots of time to practise my skills and focus on what was being taught. I feel like I have progressed in every way, everything I have completed at Able Skills I can generally do better now... Read More »

Kihisak Worsley

Kihisak WorsleyCourse:  NVQ Level 2 Painting & Decorating Course –  21/10/2019 “The instructors were very knowledgable, they were able to answer all of my questions and acted friendly with all of the students. I feel that I have learnt a lot from this course and that it will help me with my future career!” Overall Rating... Read More »

Alex Jervis

Alex JervisCourse:  NVQ Level 2 Carpentry Course –  21/10/2019 “Instructors: Carl, Martin, Paul and Kevin. The first two weeks showed me, tell me. Then onto assessments, the instructors are very experienced and professional/friendly I feel as though I am 100% more capable and confident in my abilities to read a brief and create it!”  Overall Rating... Read More »

Kristian Hibbard

Kristian HibbardCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “Excellent throughout with knowledgeable instructors. They created a very comfortable environment that really helped my learning process, progressed well.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

Joe Headland

Joe HeadlandCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “Excellent, knowledgeable, encourageable staff, who clearly have real-world experience in the trade which was shown through their teaching methods. I feel like I have progressed greatly for the 3-days it was full-on but really applicable and engaging.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

Sonny Sheppard

Sonny SheppardCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “Refresher course was also delivered very well & gave me an insight into the odd mistakes I was a currently making, the advice from the instructors helped me to pass in my practical they know how to get the information across well. I have progressed very well!”  Overall Rating... Read More »

Leo Whiting

Leo WhitingCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “Very informative course. It was a lot to take in, but well explained and taught well! I feel like I have progressed well, having no experience in testing, before the course I have learnt a lot – both in terms of theory and the practical side – It’s always good to gain... Read More »

Craig Walker

Craig WalkerCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “Usual high standards from tutors, I personally gained a lot of additional knowledge and confidence thanks to the course. I progressed very well overall.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

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