Introduction to Bricklaying

D Payne

D PayneCourse: Introduction to Bricklaying – 30/03/2019 “Enjoyed the course very much. learnt a lot of new skills, Juan & John are great teachers made us feel comfortable, they do a great job, will recommend!.” Overall Rating... Read More »

S. Trepte

S. TrepteCourse: Introduction to Bricklaying – 09/11/2018 “Excellent instructors. They were happy to give me lots of advice about my personal project and adapting my practice around that. Great environment with a good range of materials to use.” Overall Rating – Excellent... Read More »

B. Asfaw

B. AsfawCourse: Introduction to Bricklaying – 23/11/2018 “Very useful hands on and informative course delivered by a very confident and competent tutor who is clearly very experienced in his trade and knew the subject inside out. Cheers John.” Overall Rating – Excellent... Read More »

C. Willis

C. WillisCourse: Introduction to Bricklaying – 05/10/2018 “A great week’s training at able skills, feel that john has got me ready to complete my personal diy tasks at home! Thank you John!” Overall Rating –... Read More »

J. Puskas

J. PuskasCourse: Introduction to Bricklaying – 18/05/2018 I’m very happy with the value for money on my course and I will be back for more training in the future. Overall Rating –... Read More »

K. Magee

K. MageeCourse:  Introduction to Bricklaying – 18/05/2018 My bricklaying course was great. It was very hands on with great teachers in John and Tony. Would recommend to anyone. Overall Rating –... Read More »

S. Ashcroft

S. AshcroftCourse: Introduction to Bricklaying – 18/05/2018 Extremely happy with everything in my course, I got the chance to do everything I needed and the teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you! Overall Rating – Excellent  ... Read More »

G. Tilly

G. TillyCourse: Introduction to Bricklaying – 06/05/2018 I was surprised how much practical training and hands on practice this course involved. The encouragement the gain the skills was welcomed and it was a very well organised course. Overall Rating –... Read More »

N. Shaw

N. ShawCourse: Introduction to Bricklaying Course – 20/04/2018 Very good guidance from John and Tony. I had never held a trowel before and can now build a wall. John adapted the tools for me, as being a female I struggled with the larger equipment. Overall Rating –... Read More »

B. Calnan

B. CalnanCourse: Introduction to Bricklaying Course – 16/04/2018 Great course, very informative and learnt a lot. I bettered my skills in bricklaying and it was great value for money, I would attend another course. Overall Rating –... Read More »

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