Carpentry & Joinery

R Sounders

R SoundersCourse: Carpentry & Joinery Course – 21/06/2019 “I completed a level 2 diploma in carpentry and level 1 joinery. I learnt a lot from all three instructors, who gave me great advice and all very approachable. At first, I was worried about doing the courses which were mixed with theory but felt that I have gained more... Read More »

S Hay

S HayCourse: Carpentry & Joinery Course – 21/06/2019 “Could not be happier! The course was great throughout and well structured, always working hard but it never felt overbearing. The tutors were very knowledgeable lawyers ready to help and provide tips and guidance. Great atmosphere at Able Skills all round. Very happy and extremely motivated staff and students.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

L Norfield

L NorfieldCourse: Level 1 Joinery Course – 31/05/2019 “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt that I have progressed a great deal since starting. The Instructors were very informative and helpful and I received a fair amount of 1:1 time and support. Would definitely recommend to others!” Overall Rating... Read More »

J Judd

J JuddCourse: Level 2 Carpentry & Joinery Course – 23/03/2019 “The course is really well laid out and the tutors are incredibly thorough and serious about their line of teaching. The course has been a quick learning curve and has left me feeling inspired thanks to the tutors. It has been intense but thoroughly enjoyable!” Overall Rating... Read More »

J. Bettice

J. BetticeCourse: NVQ Level 2 Carpentry & Joinery Course – 12/10/2018 “I have learnt a lot on this course and had a very enjoyable experience at Able Skills. The tutors were very good at imparting knowledge to make sure a high standard of work was met at all times.”  Overall Rating –... Read More »

S. Valy

S. ValyCourse: NVQ Level 2 Carpentry & Joinery Course – 27/04/2018 The course was great and I have learnt and now I can be able to do a lot of different jobs and feel confident completing them. Able Skills have excellent instructors and they all teach so well. I want to finish my NVQ and come... Read More »

B. Miftaraj

B. MiftarajCourse: City & Guilds Carpentry Course – 21/04/2017 The people in the office are excellent and helping me pay in instalments. Angela sorted out some weekends which I couldn’t attend to the course and did it very smoothly, she is the best person to communicate with. My teachers Kevin, Simon and Martin helped me a... Read More »

P. Glanvill

P. GlanvillCourse: City & Guilds Carpentry and Joinery – 25/03/2016 The facilites were fantastic from the minute I came to visit Able Skills. The standard of teaching from Tim, Ian and Kevin was brilliant and it was a brilliant working environment. Speed of the course and the class sizes were very good and I was very... Read More »