Introduction to Carpentry

Robert Hughes

Robert HughesCourse: Introduction to Carpentry –  25/11/2019 “Great basic skills were taught over this introductory course, the tutor was great and I feel that I have progressed very well I’ve learnt so much within just a week!” Robert Hughes  – Introduction to Carpentry –... Read More »

Amo Nahal

Amo NahalCourse: Introduction to Carpentry –  25/11/2019 “Excellent coverage learnt more than I expected. Carl was very patient and gave great guidance. I was initially nervous to handle tools at the start of the course, however, after getting hand-on in the week I’m now confident to use tools and carry out work effectively, so overall I’m very... Read More »

Alexandra Lawrence

Alexandra LawrenceCourse: Introduction to Carpentry –  25/11/2019 “Tutors are amazing! Very helpful + happy to cater the course to your needs. Surprised at how much you are needs surprised at how much you are taught in just 1-week. Definitely need more practice but thanks to this course I now have the skills and confidence to tackle anything.”... Read More »

C. Sinnerton

C. SinnertonCourse: Introduction to Carpentry – 26/10/2018 “Thank you for my first step. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt more confident every day. Thank you Richard our tutor and the other carpentry instructors for being so welcoming and friendly.” Overall Rating – Excellent... Read More »

S. Dickens

S. DickensCourse: Introduction to Carpentry – 24/11/17 An excellent introduction to long forgotten carpentry skills with help and advice always available. I can leave and feel confident about tackling those DIY jobs and completing them with pride in my work. Overall Rating – Excellent... Read More »

D. Spalding

D. SpaldingCourse: Introduction to Carpentry – 24/11/17 All staff were extremely pleasant and extremely helpful and supportive throughout the course. Skills were explained well, and time given to complete task was adequate. Management was brilliant, and the course structure was flexed to meet our needs or required subject matter. Overall Brilliant I really enjoyed it. Overall... Read More »

D. Walker

D. WalkerCourse: Introduction to Carpentry – 24/11/17 A great course, it was very interesting and varied. The three instructors Kevin, Martin and Paul were fantastic to work with and were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Thoroughly enjoyable week. The residence was clean, warm and well kept. Overall Rating –... Read More »

G. Lloyd

G. LloydCourse: Introduction to Carpentry – 24/11/17 This intro to carpentry was an excellent course, it was very interesting. All the tutors were great, and all had bags full of knowledge. Overall Rating –... Read More »

A. Macleod

A. MacleodCourse: Introduction to Carpentry There was great positivity by all involved & great hints and tips to take home, instructors were always on hand. Thank you for a fun... Read More »

R. Everett

R. EverettCourse: Introduction to Carpentry I thoroughly enjoyed this 1 week that I have just completed. All members of staff and instructors were extremely friendly and helpful. Overall I thought the course was... Read More »

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