Introduction to Painting & Decorating

M. Austin

M. AustinCourse:  Introduction to Decorating  –  09/09/2019 “Excellent instructors and course content, I feel again like I have progressed excellently, every single day that I was at the centre I learned a great deal!”  Overall Rating... Read More »

T. Agbabiaka

T. AgbabiakaCourse:  Introduction to Decorating  –  09/09/2019 “I really learned plenty of practical skills on the P&D course, it was delivered by highly skilled staff who know what they are talking about! Mark is extremely knowledgable, I have progressed very well, I can now paint and put up wallpaper confidently!”  Overall Rating... Read More »

A Puttock

A PuttockCourse: Introduction to Decorating – 21/06/2019 “Brian was great. Good direction left us to get on with it but was always watching what we were doing and watching how we were progressing and immediately giving us the next task/instruction/ tip.” Overall Rating... Read More »

P Bunton

P BuntonCourse: Introduction to Decorating – 21/06/2019 “Great value for the money, Mark & Chris 110%! I will definitely recommend this course and come back.” Overall Rating... Read More »

J Phahan

J PhahanCourse: Introduction to Decorating – 21/06/2019 “Very in-depth course, Progression is as expected, learnt and a steady pace and in great detail.” Overall Rating... Read More »

I. Rogers

I. RogersCourse: 5 Day Wallpapering Course – 01/03/2019 “Money well spent! My first time attempting any diy type course. Thank you so much Able Skills, Chris and Mark for telling me that I can do it. Next course… more painting and decorating.” Overall Rating – Excellent... Read More »

S. Dowman-Halford

S. Dowman-HalfordCourse: Introduction to Painting & Decorating – 01/03/2019 “Great intro course. Really enjoyed all aspects and learned a lot, even in just 5 days. Instructors were fantastic, friendly and supportive.” Overall Rating –... Read More »

A. Hipkins

A. HipkinsCourse: Introduction to Painting & Decorating – 01/03/2019 “Both Chris and Mark were excellent throughout. Very knowledgeable and very understanding instructors for everyone that were on different levels.” Overall Rating –... Read More »

D. Hares

D. HaresCourse: Introduction to Painting & Decorating – 01/03/2019 “I found the curse to be extremely eye opening and very informative. The instructors were very helpful and generous with regards to the course and were happy to answer any questions put to them during the course.” Overall Rating – Excellent... Read More »

J. Malt

J. MaltCourse: Introduction to Painting & Decorating – 01/03/2019 “Really Informative and both Chris and Mark were happy to answer all questions we had. Both were really encouraging and keen to see us progress.” Overall Rating –... Read More »

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