Domestic Installer Course

T Whybrow

T WhybrowCourse: Domestic Installer – 07/06/2019 “Very well played out, the tutor was excellent and all the staff at Able Skills were friendly and helpful.” Overall Rating... Read More »

B Trigg

B TriggCourse: Domestic Installer – 07/06/2019 “Although the course met my expectations, it was a lot to absorb in 10 days however the tutors made that process much easier to deal with, due to great explanations and knowledge on the subject.” Overall Rating... Read More »

U Latif

U LatifCourse: Domestic Installer – 07/06/2019 “I really enjoyed the course, the tutors were very informative and helpful at all times!” Overall Rating... Read More »

J. Courage

J. CourageCourse: Domestic Installer Course – 25/08/2017 It was a well-paced course and very well tutored. Thanks to Bryan, I didn’t find it as hard as I thought. Bryan made it easy to take in all the information. Overall Rating –... Read More »

B. Jones

B. JonesCourse: Domestic Installer Course – 10/03/2017 This was a great course and the facilities were great, they were a main factor in me choosing Able Skills. I am now looking forward to my other electrical courses in the package. Overall Rating –... Read More »

M. Ali

M. AliCourse: Introduction to Domestic Electrics – 11/03/16 I was sent to Able Skills by my work and they made a good choice for my training. Everything was relaxed which made it easy to learn. Everyone on the course was easy going which made me relax more and Bryan was a good tutor and a stand-up... Read More »

J. Walker

J. WalkerCourse: Introduction to Domestic Electrics – 11/03/16 I have previously attended Able Skills for my PAT Testing course and I was very happy with it, so I had no issues with choosing them again for my domestic installer course. Bryan, my tutor was excellent throughout the whole two weeks of my course. He explained things... Read More »

P. Wardle

P. WardleCourse: Domestic Installer Bryan has fantastic knowledge and experience and also a natural ability to communicate this to the students with a wide range of backgrounds and levels of prior knowledge. I have learned a great deal and it’s been good... Read More »

C. Warriner

C. WarrinerCourse attended: Domestic Installations Instructor: Bryan Date Completed: 28.08.15 Questions Asked Was the course value for money? Yes Did the course meet your expectations? Yes Would you recommend Able Skills to others? Yes Would you attend any of our other courses? Yes Candidate Review Bryan was  cracking tutor who had great knowledge to share with the whole group. His experience made... Read More »

Stuart Quick

Stuart QuickCourse attended: Intro to Domestic Electrical Installation Duration: 5 Days Date Completed: 13.06.2014 Tutor: Paul Questions Asked Was the course value for money? Yes Did the course meet your expectations? Yes Would you recommend Able Skills to others? Yes Would you attend any of our other courses? Yes Candidate Review Tutor was very good at explaining... Read More »

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