Inspection & Testing 2391

Kristian Hibbard

Kristian HibbardCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “Excellent throughout with knowledgeable instructors. They created a very comfortable environment that really helped my learning process, progressed well.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

Joe Headland

Joe HeadlandCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “Excellent, knowledgeable, encourageable staff, who clearly have real-world experience in the trade which was shown through their teaching methods. I feel like I have progressed greatly for the 3-days it was full-on but really applicable and engaging.”  Overall Rating... Read More »

Sonny Sheppard

Sonny SheppardCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “Refresher course was also delivered very well & gave me an insight into the odd mistakes I was a currently making, the advice from the instructors helped me to pass in my practical they know how to get the information across well. I have progressed very well!”  Overall Rating... Read More »

Leo Whiting

Leo WhitingCourse:  Inspection and Testing  –  08/10/2019  “Very informative course. It was a lot to take in, but well explained and taught well! I feel like I have progressed well, having no experience in testing, before the course I have learnt a lot – both in terms of theory and the practical side – It’s always good to gain... Read More »

D. Millership

D. MillershipCourse: Inspection & Testing 2391 – 03/07/2018 “Great course, Trevor gas plenty of patience and keeps his cool when we went over and over the same questions sometimes. It was good that is wasn’t so serious all the time, having a laugh throughout made it easier.” Overall Rating –... Read More »