5 Day Plastering Intro

S. Moonie

S. MoonieCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 09/11/2018 “Plastering far exceeded my expectations for the course. Spencer is a great teacher and I would highly recommend.” Overall Rating – Excellent... Read More »

J. Coleman

J. ColemanCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 26/10/2018 “Excellent course. Very good tutors all round who made the week great and a great place to learn. Joe was brilliant and was always on hand to help or answer any questions we had.” Overall Rating –... Read More »

D. Turner

D. TurnerCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 27/07/2018 “Jo was fantastic, a real pleasure spending the week with him and learning from his years’ worth of experience.” Overall Rating –... Read More »

M. Elsdon

M. ElsdonCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 13/07/2018 Great course, loads of useful insights and technique advice in addition to the basic tuition. Overall Rating – Excellent... Read More »

K. Gurung

K. GurungCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 17/06/2018 “It was a very good experience and amazing training course. Teaching methods we great and tutors were all really friendly. I will be coming back for some more courses.” Overall Rating – Excellent... Read More »

C. Martin

C. MartinCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 17/06/2018 “Really well taught course and friendly tutors. I never felt like there was a stupid question. My plastering has come on so much during this course.” Overall Rating –... Read More »

M. Evans

M. EvansCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 18/05/2018 My plastering course was very well instructed. I have learned a lot of skills to take back to help me with my house work. Overall Rating –... Read More »

A. Cogswell

A. CogswellCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 18/05/2018 Training has been well planned to gain as much experience as possible in the time of the course. Spencer has fantastic knowledge and he is able to pass this across very well. Overall Rating –... Read More »

C. Murias

C. MuriasCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 09/02/18 I found this course very good. Good mix of practical and health and safety elements. Also, tutors were great giving advice I may encounter when working in a property. They had great teaching skills. A lot of knowledge and they were both very approachable. Overall Rating –... Read More »

J. Nolan

J. NolanCourse: Introduction to Plastering – 23/06/2017 The instructor was outstanding. I have learned the basics very well and would advise friends and anyone else to attend. Enjoyed the course from start to finish. Overall Rating –... Read More »

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