Introduction to Plumbing

A Nahal

A NahalCourse: Introduction to Plumbing – 21/06/2019 “Covered all areas in a timely fashion, and explained each point as we went along. I’ve progressed amazingly, gold start to Able Skills! Learnt a lot & what I’ve learnt will be extremely useful to me.” Overall Rating... Read More »

D Chandler

D ChandlerCourse: Introduction to Plumbing – 21/06/2019 “It was a very well delivered course and was very helpful for my knowledge, we learnt how to bend pipe/solider. fitting radiators and the basics of fitting a bathroom was really interesting to learn. Overall it was a fantastic experience. I’ve progressed very well I knew a little bit about plumbing... Read More »

W Perez

W PerezCourse: Introduction to Plumbing – 21/06/2019 “To teach soldering pipe bending, names of fittings, names of bends. how to bleed a radiator, came with no knowledgeable and leaving with some comfortable know-how!” Overall Rating... Read More »

A Lisbon

A LisbonCourse: Introduction to Plumbing – 21/06/2019 “Excellent content & tuition, easy to understand, made it easy to follow instructions and tutors were very helpful! I’ve progressed  enormously” Overall Rating... Read More »

G Miliue

G MiliueCourse: Introduction to Plumbing – 21/06/2019 “Ian is an amazing teacher, very knowledgable & always goes the extra mile to make sure that you understand and are caught up, I have progressed unimaginably, thanks to Ian!.” Overall Rating... Read More »

J Maxwell

J MaxwellCourse: Introduction to Plumbing – 21/06/2019 “The course was as advertised, the basics were covered really well, learnt the right way to do some basic plumbing.” Overall Rating... Read More »

J Regan-Jones

J Regan-JonesCourse: Introduction to Plumbing – 21/06/2019 “Very good instructor, I’ve certainly progressed!.” Overall Rating... Read More »

R Spencer

R SpencerCourse: Introduction to Plumbing – 21/06/2019 “Well structured, very comprehensive for an introductory course. The tutor was extremely knowledgable & Helpful. I’ve made a huge improv, went in both theoretical understanding and practical aspects.” Overall Rating... Read More »

A Y. Mekonnen

A Y. MekonnenCourse: Introduction to Plumbing – 21/06/2019 “Practical and the basic understanding was taught very well, I had almost no knowledge and gained good preliminary skills for limited home use.” Overall Rating... Read More »

T Andreatta

T AndreattaCourse: – Introduction to Plumbing – 14/06/2019 “I have learned a lot about plumbing over my time on the course.” Overall Rating... Read More »

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